3D Printed Bong

It was bound to happen…


While the experts debate, many young people have started to test the technological and ethical limits of 3D printing. Meet Ben, an average Israeli with a hobby. Ben likes his marijuana, but finds it difficult to find decent and reasonably priced bongs in Israel, where he lives.

Instead of paying for overpriced and poorly designed bongs, Ben decided to make his own. Ben’s other specialty, or expertise, is 3D printing and after building his Rostock 3D printer (RepRap project), he decided to start experimenting will all kinds of prototypes – one of them the now-famous bong.

The idea came came to life after a fun night out. Ben and his merry group of friends were chatting about 3D printing and its potential when someone suggested that Ben should print a bong. After initially laughing at the idea, Ben went to his laptop and started browsing for bong models. Eventually he found an STL file of a bong on Thingiverse, Makerbot’s community for sharing and making 3D printed things. The rest is history.


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