Canned muskox and caribou


6 thoughts on “Canned muskox and caribou

    • The muskox is an animal kind of related to, and similar to, bison, though the horns look more like those of water buffalo; it’s similar in flavour to bison. Not very common, as food, actually; nor is caribou; I got both of these in Canada’s very far north, in the Northwest Territories. They are game meats, and only available commercially in that place; in the rest of Canada, other than at some restaurants, you can only legally have it if you hunt it yourself or get it given to you by someone who has; you can’t buy it. But the laws up there are different.

    • Ah; I’ll eat corned beef if fried and served warm, but otherwise I don’t like it so much.

      I like canned fish, especially, like tuna or salmon – though I still prefer both in fresh form instead…

      • I prefer canned tuna to fresh, but I prefer salmon fresh. But normally I eat local fish. (I live 5minutes walk from the beach), and here we have a lot of squid, octupus, and gilt-head bream. And lots of others. It is so cheap to buy, where as imported fish like salmon is 4 times the price, so I rarely eat it.

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