John Baird reacts to Raelian intergalactic embassy proposal


Press conference – An Embassy to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization: the Raelians will file a formal application to the Canadian Government!

In response to a request from CBC News, ministerial press secretary @adamihodge explained that, “although tempting due to the promises of long term jobs and economic growth, sadly, current Canadian law is that only representatives of another state or an international organization can have diplomatic status in Canada – there is no mention of extraterrestrial entities.”

“And, to the best of our knowledge, they don’t make red license plates big enough for space ships,” he added.

That doesn’t mean the door is entirely closed to further negotiations, however.

“If the ‘Elohim’ would like to make themselves known to us,” Hodge told CBC News, “We would be happy to schedule a coffee meeting to discuss the potential for a new GMAP – Galactic Markets Action Plan.”

Of course, we already knew that John Baird has a great sense of humour; witness how he reacted to Pat Martin here:

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