HitchBOT robot set to hitchhike across Canada


A chatty robot from Ontario will attempt to hitchhike from Nova Scotia to B.C. this summer.

Hitchbot will be about the size of a six-year-old child and have a child booster seat built into its buttocks, says David Harris Smith, an assistant professor at McMaster University who first came up with the idea of creating a collaborative art project centred around a hitchhiking robot.

The little robot will try to bum its first ride from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design on July 27 by signalling with the only part of its body it can move — one arm. The researchers expect it to charm its way into enough rides to make it all the way to Victoria.

Along the way, it will be sharing its adventures via social media — something that those who pick it up should be aware of, Smith told CBC News. “It’ll be sort of like having an out-of-control teenager in your car, taking pictures of you and posting them to Facebook.”

Hitchbot is also equipped with a GPS and 3G wireless connectivity that will allow it to post frequent updates of its position on the internet.

I’m sure as hell not giving rides to any robot hitchhikers! Let them get a bus / train / plane ticket like everyone else without wheels! 😉


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