Pet rabbit with a wheelchair

Hey, why not? 🙂


This wheelchair gave Dolly the rabbit a new lease on life after spine issues prevented her from ever hopping again. (CBC)

Dolly the disabled rabbit from Newfoundland was not always disabled.


Fast forward to January 2013 and that’s when Thompson says Dolly’s medical issues started.

“Dolly has three fused discs, spondylosis, scoliosis and mild arthritis all in her back,” Thompson told the CBC’s Leah Balass.

Thompson said many of the conditions that Dolly lives with are birth defects, and at first she was not sure how things were going to turn out for the rabbit that quickly lost its ability to hop.

“At first it was hard because we didn’t know how Dolly was going to make out, with her issues,” said Thompson.

“Once we made the [wheelchair] and realized that she was going to be OK it gave us some hope,” she said.

“Dolly is very happy.”

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