‘Human skin’ chair and stool that feel and smell like flesh can be yours for £2,380

British designer Gigi Barker is behind the seats and footstools that replicate the exact feel snuggling up to an obese male’s belly.

It might make your skin crawl, but if you’re missing that human touch then this might just be the furniture for you.

British designer, Gigi Barker, has spent a considerable amount of time trying to replicate the exact feel of human flesh with her collection of chairs and footstools.

And sitting on one of these chairs is meant to be just like perching yourself atop a real mound of human flesh – in particular, the stomach of an obese male.

Barker’s skin chair and skin stool set were created as part of a project called A Body of Skin, where she studied the ‘texture of skin and the shape of the body’, exploring ‘the intricate subtleties and varieties of the skin surface and the volume of the flesh’.

The fabric for her unique pieces is made from a ‘pheromone-impregnated silicone base’, which recreates the texture of human flesh and smells just like the aftershave worn by Barker’s male model.


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