No jokes, All plot: Youtuber strips the funny bits from ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends’

Why bother?

If you’ve ever wondered what an episode of Friends or Seinfeld would be like without any jokes whatsoever (for some reason,) you’re in luck!

A creative YouTuber called Tunglebrek has taken it upon himself to strip every last funny line from episodes of three popular sitcoms as part of a series he calls “NO JOKES, ALL PLOT.”

As the title suggests, Tunglebrek’s videos feature only major plot points or, as he calls them, “the barest story essentials” from episodes of Seinfeld, Friends and The Big Bang Theory — “No yucks, no fluff.”

The humourless videos may sound like a chore to watch, but with every joke removed the shortened episodes actually fly by — albeit rather awkwardly.

The condensed version of Seinfeld’s “The Junior Mint” episode clocks in at just over three-minutes-long with all of its jokes removed, and the episode of Friends titled “The One with the Apothecary Table” is only 2:42 minutes long in its shortened form.

I once cut and spliced a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode involving time travel and resulting changed history, which had to be corrected; the resulting episode, in which nothing happened (since it was all undone), lasted only a few minutes. Now that was amusing! 🙂

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