British auto insurance company proposes women-only pink lanes


Hopefully not seriously!


Photoillustrations: Sheila’s WheelsPhotoillustrations: Sheila’s Wheels

If women ruled the world, this is what London’s roads would look like. Or something.

One (misguided) insurance company has put forward the idea of ‘pink lanes’ – female-only flyovers so women can soar over busy roads and nip ahead of that early morning rush-hour traffic.

Another shows how a gender-separated lane would apparently allow women to freely zip along the motorway without the fear of male drivers getting in the way (presumably as the battle for equality sits on the hard shoulder calling breakdown recovery).

The company claims the mocked-up images ‘would remove them from a potentially dangerous environment’ – albeit being a ‘futuristic’ concept.

The proposals (hopefully) aren’t entirely serious – but a Sheila’s Wheels spokesperson claims the company ‘is serious about creating a safer road network for female drivers and we believe a discussion about how best to achieve this is long overdue’. Instigate…

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