Dutch supermarkets move to ban sweets from check-outs

Crazy; that’s the most profitable part of a grocery store!

Three big Dutch supermarket chains are working on plans to stop placing sweets and chocolate close to their cash registers in an effort to stimulate last-thought buys.

The AD reports on Friday that Lidl is removing confectionary from its main check-out – the one which is always open – and replacing sweets with bite-sized vegetables, nuts and rice cakes.

Jumbo and Plus are also looking into a ban on cash register confectionary at its 440 branches, the paper says. However, market leader Albert Heijn, by contrast, has no plans to make the change.

In Sweden and Denmark supermarkets are banned from placing sweets within the reach of children at check-outs, the AD points out. In Britain, Tesco and Lidl have already made the change.

Weird… People like their impulse buys, and won’t buy vegetables, nuts and rice cakes, I’m sure…



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