Burger King Japan introduces new ‘black burgers’ with black buns and black cheese (thanks to charcoal) and black ketchup (thanks to squid ink)

For those who like their food to look like putrefaction…


Would you like a side of charcoal with that burger?

Not quite the question North Americans are used to being asked, but apparently at Burger King Japan, black is the new orange.

The fast food chain has taken bizarre food to new heights with it’s Kuro Burgers (kuro means “black” in Japanese). For a limited time starting Sept. 19, the company will swap their orange-yellow buns and cheese for ones that are pitch black, according to a press release.

Burger King Japan started the Premium Kuro Burger two years ago, colouring the bread with bamboo charcoal and adding squid ink to the ketchup.

In 2013 the novelty burger evolved to the Kuro Ninja, which had all the above ingredients with a slice of bacon for a tongue.

The success of both burgers meant that new upgrades had to be made and the latest incarnation adds the black cheese to the bun and sauce.

The bread is coloured with bamboo charcoal and the ketchup has squid ink added to it. Not to be outdone, the cheese slices include bamboo charcoal with the 115 gram beef patties made with black pepper.

The Kuro Pearl burger will be available for 480 yen ($4.95) while the Kuro Diamond, which includes more normal-looking lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise, will cost 690 yen ($7.12).

The offer is scheduled to end in early November.


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