Nudist church in Virginia

Because ‘Merica!


2 thoughts on “Nudist church in Virginia

  1. Nudity being permissible in public ended with the Fall of humanity, and Adam and Eve’s subsequent covering of themselves from God’s gaze, because they realized they were uncovered.

    Scripture teaches against public nudity. It associates nudity with sexuality, and uses ‘uncover the nudity of’ in Leviticus for sexual relations, e.g. ‘don’t uncover the nudity of your brother’s wife’, etc.

    Nudity is sexual. Since the Fall, it always has been.

    Up until recent times, no culture anywhere outside of primitive tribal peoples accepted public nudity.

    Those of us who are traditional Christians, therefore, take issue with it.

    No you don’t get to post comments on my blog. I won’t come to yours to argue with you; I’m not interested in arguing with you here.

    Go argue with someone else. Not me. And no trackbacks / pingbacks for you, either.

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