Belgian supermarkets soon selling worm-burgers


Birds love buffalo worms...

Birds love buffalo worms…

These burgers are from the larvae of this beetle. Yum.

I’ve fixed the aforelinked Google translation as best as I can, below:

Brussels – A nutty flavor, with a hint of bacon. Sounds good? Then the new meat substitute produced by Damhert may be for you. But the new nuggets, burgers and schnitzels are only available at our southern neighbors, in Belgian supermarkets. Oh, and another thing: the delicacies are made of worms.

Under the name ‘Insecta’ Damhert’s wormburgers will be on sale at most major Belgian supermarkets from 1 October. They are made of buffalo worms, an insect that is rich in protein and low in fat. If the Dutch authorities grant approval, insect products will eventually come onto the market in the Netherlands.

“You can’t tell that there are bugs in the products,” explains Lisa Lamorgese of Damhert in De Standaard. “The worms are first dried and then ground. The rest of the production process is identical to that of other meat substitutes.” The Federal Food Agency sees no problem. The use of animals for human consumption is officially approved. And the taste? Lamorgese promises that it is wonderful.


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