The Culture That Is Japan

The culture that gave us The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife…

Uncouth Reflections

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

Daiso Japan is a Japanese-based retailer that specializes in cutesy cheap crap — curios, stationary, toys, kitchen supplies, cosmetics, toiletries, seasonal goods, etc. It’s an Asian Dollar Tree, with few exceptions, everything in the store is $1.50. The company has a few thousand stores in Japan and about 30 in the United States, most of which are in California, specifically here in SoCal. Their mission statement is “Constant self-denial, to improve stores and products.” Here are a few pictures I took at one of their bright, white-and-pink, fluorescent-lit stores. Like EP, I encountered some weird stuff.

They sell the usual good luck totems and tchotchkes.

japancuriosI have not met a woman who didn’t think these are a brilliant idea.

chairsocksHey, for all I know it works well.

horsefatThis was in the toy section. Would make a great party favor at the neighborhood kid’s birthday.

fakeboobsNo idea what…

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2 thoughts on “The Culture That Is Japan

    • As you know, Asian women tend to be smaller-breasted than white women, and I guess some are very self-conscious of the fact, and would like to have bigger ones. 😉

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