Pretending to be a boring office drone on Facebook


It’s not unheard of for bored workers to spend some time on their Facebook page to escape the drudgery of spreadsheets, paperwork and internal memos.

A new phenomenon on Facebook, however, appears to attempt precisely the opposite: to simulate the most ordinary, mind-numbingly boring office lifestyle possible.

The Facebook group Generic Office Roleplay has attracted over 3,000 members since August, with users posing memo-like notices about the cubicle-confined goings-on of a fake company, Stackswell & Co.

The posts on the page are a mixture of the most boring, one-note, unremarkable notices one gets while working in a nondescript office environment. For example, See the page’s description of Stackswell & Co., with its combination of meaningless corporate speak – “Agile, Vision-oriented, Disintermediated” – and its dedication to “red-tape, bureaucracy and efficiency.”


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