Squid swarm attacks Greenpeace submarine

Even squids don’t like Greenpeace. 😉

A video featuring a squid swarm attacking a research submarine has gone viral after being posted on Vine by Greenpeace.

As of Tuesday morning, the six-second video had been shared more than two million times since being posted in honour of October’s annual Cephalopod Awareness Week, said John Hocevar, a marine biologist with Greenpeace. The informal celebration of octopuses, squid and their eight-armed kin takes place each year starting Oct. 8.

Hocevar said the squid are “used to being able to eat pretty much anything they find,” so it makes sense for them to try their luck with the sub.

The squid in the video belong to a species known as opalescent squid, or “market squid,” as the species often winds up in dishes such as calamari.

Mmm, calamari…

You know, I fancy a submarine sandwich with calamari on it! 🙂


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