Des Moines a “Hipster Haven” – But Do They Have Enough Pairs of Skinny Jeans?

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And how can they be a hipster haven when their froyo places are closing (unlike New York City, where they’re booming, displacing everything else)?

Literate Comments

From The Des Moines Business Record:

National Journal: Des Moines is hipster haven

Add National Journal to the string of national publications telling the world that Des Moines is the place to be. Under the headline “Do the Most Hipster Thing Possible: Move to Des Moines,” the publication details the tech and music scenes, stops by the Des Moines Social Club, takes a spin through the East Village, and basically says people who think Des Moines is some cultural wasteland are sadly mistaken. The subhead suggests: “Ditch Brooklyn, millennials. The real place to be is Des Moines, a city with a blossoming culture scene, thriving startups and urban beauty.”

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