World must harness ‘cosmos’ energy: Ex-cabinet minister Paul Hellyer

Whatever, dude…

The world could end its dependence on fossil fuels by harnessing “the energy that exists in everything within the cosmos.”

People could replace their car engines and furnaces with a little box that harnesses the “exotic energy” of the universe except the world’s banking “cabal” prevents people from accessing the technology, Hellyer says.

Hellyer is a former defence minister who contested Pierre Trudeau for the Liberal party leadership in 1968. He was first elected as a Toronto-area MP in 1949 and became defence minister in Lester Pearson’s government. As defence minister, he attended the 1967 opening of a UFO landing pad built in Alberta.

In 2005, after watching a news program on UFOs, he publicly stated he said he and his wife had seen a UFO and that he had an open mind about the prospect of intelligent life on other planets.

Hellyer is kicking off a four-city book tour Wednesday when he speaks at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Anglican church on Metcalfe St. at 7 p.m.

A perfect fit for the Anglicans, naturally. 😉



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