Malaysian Muslim ‘modesty trousers’ have a hole in the crotch


A company in Malaysia has created full-length trousers for women to wear when they are in labour.

The trousers are aimed at Muslim women who are concerned about exposing parts of the body which are meant to be kept covered according to some interpretations of Islam, known as “aurat”, the Malay Mail website reports.

They look similar to tracksuit bottoms, but have “an opening to let the baby out” while still covering a woman’s legs, according to manufacturers Mama Pride.

“While giving birth, the honour and aurat of women are not given any attention,” the company says on its Facebook page. “Thighs, calves and knees are exposed, even though they don’t need to be.” A number of medical professionals are pictured on the page apparently endorsing the product.

So, pants with a hole in the crotch are ‘modesty trousers’, got it. 🙂

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