An Actual Playable Tortilla Record Etched with a Laser Cutter



7 thoughts on “An Actual Playable Tortilla Record Etched with a Laser Cutter

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      • In the Eighties there was this little tienda in the S.F. Mission District, only place I’ve found makes those thicker, slightly chewy type of tortilla-harina. Nothing like the tasteless, thin pre-fabs sold most places.

        In Old Mex the best tortilla places often had a big round cooker in view, sometimes at front of the restaurant. Mamacita would cook the tortillas fresh and deliver them warm in a cloth onto your table.

        Eeees gooooood. :O)

        Didn’t need to see if they ‘played’ because the mariachis were never far behind, oh wait, you don’t want trombones with your comida?


      • Sounds great! 🙂

        I’ve come to love all-corn-flour tortillas, with no wheat flour, and I seek out taquerías that have them. Admittedly, their structural integrity, from a physics / engineering standpoint, is not as good as that of flour tortillas, and they won’t stand up to as many fillings as flour ones, esp. if the filling leak liquid out – liquid tends to cause them to deteriorate rapidly, making a mess in one’s hand, possibly on one’s shirt. But it’s all good! And it’s gluten-free, so even celiacs can enjoy them! 🙂


  2. You may be comforted hear that, on both our behalves, I asked Christ to have the good tortillas in his kingdom. Corn and flour both. So that’s not a guarantee, but it couldn’t hurt. :O)


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