‘Fowling’ warehouse in Detroit suburb combines football, bowling

Interesting; they should call it ‘footbowling’, though.

A Detroit-area entrepreneur believes he has scored a touchdown with his new business idea. Or thrown a strike.

Actually, it’s both.

Chris Hutt owns the Fowling Warehouse, a 34,000-square-foot repurposed industrial site in Hamtramck that’s devoted to a football/bowling hybrid sport — fowling — he and some buddies invented while tailgating years ago at the Indianapolis 500.

The facility features 20 lanes, where players or teams try to be the first to knock down all 10 of their opponents’ bowling pins by tossing a single football from a distance of up to 48 feet.

The game is not complicated, Hutt said, but it’s not easy, either. In the Fowling Warehouse’s first six months of operation, only 29 strikes had been thrown over 100,000-plus games.

There’s another quick way to end a fowling match: A unique shot called a Bonk, which occurs when a player knocks the middle pin — and only the middle pin — off the board on the first throw. The other nine pins must remain standing.


5 thoughts on “‘Fowling’ warehouse in Detroit suburb combines football, bowling

  1. Pleasantly strange and thanks, but I don’t understand how anybody could knock the middle pin out of a bowling set w/o disturbing one of the surrounding pins? Even with a football? Plus that is not what ‘bonk’ used to mean. :O)

    On a quest slightly less ambitious than Mr. Hutt (HUT!), I invented a game called Snow Bowling during NW winters. Some folks had a young male cat, v playful, and when their backyard iced over, I’d make snowballs and roll them along the frozen pathway. Which the critter loved to chase.

    I’m not sure it has mass appeal like the Fowling, as there’s no point, but we both sure enjoyed it. Now if anybody asks you can tell them you know who invented Snow Bowling. Cheers.

    • Yeah, I don’t get how you can knock out the middle pin without disturbing any others, unless you can hit it at the base and make it jump, I guess. 🙂

      Snow bowling sounds almost as fun as messing around with a cat and a laser pointer. 🙂

  2. Snow Bowling is better exercise than the laser pointer! It’s cold out so you don’t stay still long. You’re right Fowling isn’t the right name, it should be footbowling or just footbowl, which would get a free spin off already extant football, but pronounced differently.

    By this thread, let the World be satisfied with our massive contribution to it. :O)

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