Slavic yoga


Strength Bereginya – is new energy based practice that women across Ukraine and Russia went crazy about. You do Yoga? Hah amateur, Yoga is mainstream Bereginya is hard-core Slavic women gymnastics. Author of these workouts states “Bereginia is energy practice of ancient Slavs, our great-great-grandmothers. Slavic women have great power, which is transmitted by the nature as the genetic memory. They were all-powerful: can control the elements, to heal, to provide family security and prosperity. They were real sorceress”. So, now you know, if you feel like a real Slavic women you better start practicing Bereginya and not some hippy Yoga. Lucky for you this knowledge author says is hereditary in our women, so if you happen to be a Slavic women you have it in yourself already, you got the moves!


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