WaPo Wants Americans To Eat Jell-O Like It’s The Cold War Again

Oh goody; back to mid-20th century monstrosities again! {/sarcasm}


2 thoughts on “WaPo Wants Americans To Eat Jell-O Like It’s The Cold War Again

  1. My mother, God rest her soul, thought no meal was complete without Jello in some form. The poor woman actually believed that Jello was food! When I got married and moved out and was finally able to decide for myself what edible substances would be allowed in my house, Jello disappeared from my life forever. When my mother came to help me out for a couple of days after I had my first baby, she was genuinely shocked when she inspected my kitchen cupboards and saw that there was no Jello to be found. To her such a thing was unthinkable.

    • LOL! 🙂

      I admit, I grew up eating church dinners where half the non-meat items (where the meat was ham, or turkey, or roast beef) were a selection of various jello dishes; some orange jello with carrots; some lime jello with pineapple bits and celery; sometimes with cottage cheese, sometimes as a mousse with cream in the jello, some berry jellos with real berries in them; I loved them all. But, one grows up, and puts away childish things, including the four slices of pie or so I would have after a plate or two full of jello and meat – i.e. the real dessert. 🙂

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