‘Big Daddy Xi’: Chinese president releases cartoon rap video

We truly have tripped through the looking glass, haven’t we?

The Chinese government has made its much-anticipated return to the recording studio and this time, it’s a rap. And yes, there’s even a video.

While rapper Eminem may not find himself at risk of losing his job, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his ‘crew’ make sure to touch on all the country’s biggest issues in their new single ‘The Reform Group is Two Years Old’.

The cartoon rap song, which refers to Xi as “Big Daddy Xi,” is part of an ongoing plan aimed at young people to highlight government policy and how it’s tackling corruption

Its lyrical mastery includes mentions of smog, the pricing system, government services, the household registration system and, of course, a nod to the founding of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.



Released to mark the second anniversary of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms, a committee set up and led by Xi, the video contains soundbites of the president mixed with such lyrics as:

“They insist on fighting corruption

They specialize in hitting tigers

Rule the party strictly

Govern the country by law

[The whole country] is overwhelmed with joy.”


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