Windsor woman, 75, still leading kick-boxing classes


After more than 34 years of teaching fitness classes, Cary Thomas has seen health crazes come and go.

“I came through everything that was popular, step aerobics, interval training, I used to teach five classes a day at one point,” Thomas said.

These days, the 75-year-old leads kick-boxing classes three times a week at the Oakwood Community Centre as part of the City of Windsor’s exercise program.

“I like helping people,” Thomas said. “If someone’s going to feel better about what I’m going to do, why should I stop?”

Cary’s Kickers is a group of about 14 regular members. The ages of women in the program range in age from university students to seniors. Some members have been regulars for more than 20 years.

“This isn’t martial arts, its recreational kick-boxing,” Thomas said. “But I tell people, ‘You know, it could come in handy if you come across somebody and need to fight back.'”


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