Junior, IRL.

If you can imagine any fetish / freakery, it’s on the internet already. Ditto many one can’t imagine or wouldn’t want to…


12 thoughts on “Junior, IRL.

      • It’s a corruption, absolutely vile distortion of science.

        If you can accomplish it, do it.

        Man’s nature…it’s limitless. I guess that’s why we need religion.

      • That’s part of the reason; after all, only a code of moral absolutes commanding us not to do certain things, like crossbreed humans and gorillas and have big hairy slaves till they turn on us and rule us, will prevent us from doing stupid Brave New World shit.

      • Except worse: consider the Commies and the Nazis, and their atheist, ostensibly ‘scientific’ ideologies, which led to the slaughter of hundreds of millions; in all the centuries of Christendom before, no regimes, not even Torquemada’s, were so bloody…

      • Hmm. I’m not saying it “makes sense” in terms of a logical chain of reason, but it does makes sense as a disinterested observer to observe how people react to absolute power. Never is it used for benevolence or grace; it’s used to conquer and subdue.

        How fucking depressing.

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