Hockey History 101: The Windsor Swastikas Take to the Ice


And you thought the “Broadstreet Bullies” looked mean.

Have a gander at the Windsor Swastikas – a Canadian team from Windsor, Nova Scotia, that enjoyed a lot of regional success during its 1905-16 tenure:

What are the odds of a name like that, eh?  Well, this was the happy go lucky pre-WWII and pre-Nazi era, when the swastika symbol still stood for good luck and fortune.  (Yea, the Nazis pretty much screwed up everything.)  Ok, then, who were these guys, and just how good were they? From “”

The players (were) all of notable Windsor family names – people like W.A.”Billy” Stephens who later had a department store, and “Mac” Geldert who ran a dry goods store, Walter Regan who was a grocer in Falmouth, R.G.Morton a clothier in Windsor and Halifax, Frank “Sanky” Brown, a stone mason, H.S.Smith, a coal merchant, Clarence McCann, a trainman for the Dominion Atlantic…

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