The man who created a tiny country he can no longer enter; well, not a real country, and maybe he could theoretically enter it from space, as long as he doesn’t pass through neighbouring territory

One man is trying to create a utopia on what he says is unclaimed land between Serbia and Croatia. He’s banned from setting foot in his would-be territory, but he has not given up.

The president stared across the water at his country, from which he is exiled.

We were in a boat on the Danube, only a few yards from the territory of Liberland – what he calls the “beloved country”.

But we knew that if we tried to disembark, the Croatian river police would arrest us. Patriotism struggled with prudence, and lost.

Liberland is only 7 sq km (2.5 sq miles) of uninhabited marshland. But in the mind of Vit Jedlicka, its first president, it’s the fulfilment of the libertarian dream – a land with no compulsory taxes, no gun control, with Bitcoins as currency.


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