Flag and anthem of Labrador


Dear land of mountains, woods and snow,
Labrador our Labrador,
God’s noble gift to us below,
Labrador our Labrador,
Thy proud resources waiting still,
Their splendid task will soon fulfill,
Obedient to the maker’s will,
Labrador our Labrador.

Thy stately forests soon shall ring,
Labrador our Labrador,
Responsive to the woodsman’s sawing,
Labrador our Labrador,
And might floods that long remained,
Their rage fury unrestrained,
Shall serve the purpose God ordained,
Labrador our Labrador.

We love to climb thy mountains steep,
Labrador our Labrador,
And paddle on thy waters deep,
Labrador our Labrador,
Our snowshoes scar thy trackless plains,
We seek no city streets or lanes,
We are thy sons while life remains,
Labrador our Labrador.


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