Smoking camomile tea

The Effects of Smoking Chamomile | LIVESTRONG.COM › Diseases and Conditions

Apr 19, 2015 – You can smoke chamomile when making a transition from the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. Because chamomile is a buffer to stress and …

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Dec 21, 2015 – After 20 minutes of looking up household spices you can smoke I came upon chamomile tea! WOW! I feel so calm and collected, almost like a …

Is it safe to smoke chamomile? – The Psychedelic Experience …

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Hey everyone! While browsing Erowid I came across the chamomile page, and was intrigued to find it is classified as a sedative. I then went on to read some …

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Apr 1, 2011 – SMOKING: This is where the difference between loose-leaf and teabag chamomile really became pronounced, although not in the way you …

8 thoughts on “Smoking camomile tea

  1. Hm, Indian Tobacco (lobelia inflata) is much cheaper and gives the same effect as tobacco, without the addiction. Meanwhile, the bleach used to whiten ciggie papers is supposed to be almost as addictive as the tobacco.

    • Unlike nicotine, chamomile is a sedative.

      Yeah, rolling papers are carcinogenic. Better, whatever you smoke, to use a pipe; I did, back when I partook of… stuff.

      • No, no! Nic is very much a sedative. It calms thew nerves and this is one reason it was always smoked during palavers.Got 2 psychologists in the fam, and neither are users, but both will tell you, smoking tobacco prevents murder.

  2. It’s true that nicotine withdrawal induces agitation and anxiety. But if you push through, it isn’t as hard as people think. Or at least I didn’t find it so. I should know; I’ve quit tobacco twice! 😉

    • yeah, I quit a lot of times. sometimes every day. Each time off it longer than a week, I got sick. Bronchitis or pneumonia, usually. Cures for them (bacterial infections) are best smoked, and nicotine is also antiviral. Once, I managed to stay off it for 4 years. In and out of the hospital, on antibios for weeks at a time. Nothing worked,then I started smoking again, and the body normalized in about ten days.

      The doctor wrote an article about it for the AMA, and was castigated. He sent it to Lancet, I think,and some Asian medical journal, where they published it.

      I have yet to have a physician tell me, when questioned, that it was ‘the devil’s weed’ (which Hitler claimed, those vile red devils (un injuns) and their foul weed :). PC demands they try to force people off it. But, note that a lot of non-smokers go into the military (you’re no longer allowed to smoke in BCT) and only start smoking after their first or second battle. Niio!

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