The Rectal Pain Scale



6 thoughts on “The Rectal Pain Scale

  1. Hmmm. I need to find some whips and chains, maybe a nice lady in spike heel knee boots who wears fishnet stalkings and barbed wire underwear. It would be soothing after a post like this. It should read: Normal: No pain. Morning after mistakenly passing out in a gay bar: Painful. Back in time to old Sparta: Blackout..After visit to Nazi training camp: Intestines tend to fall out when standing up.

      • Um, many years ago, in a town far, far away, I know a couple of young ladies who were, ah, specialized in the spike heels/fishnet stalkings thing. Nope, never was tempted by that, tho they were real good lookin’. (WOW!) They worked miles from home (farm girls) in a city and most of their clientele were politicians, lawyers, and so on. AKA spoiled brats with a guilt complex. Both retired young and wealthy. One moved to Italy and married a client there. 🙂

      • Aw, what a nice fairy-tale story! {/sarcasm}

        Why is it mostly rich bastards who are into that shit? It’s like they’re consumed with guilt for ill-gotten wealth off the backs of others and feel the need to ‘atone’ by being ‘humiliated’ (thoigh privately) / made to ‘suffer’ (but just until the ‘safe word’, no doubt; topping from the bottom, as always…).

        Not sure who I dislike more, them wymynzes or their clientele… I think I dislike them equally.

  2. Nope. Completely true. And, no, they started out as rape victims and went into this after the cops rousted them for prostitution. Their ‘owners’ claimed they were harassed by the women. At least they survived. Too many don’t. Not in today’s wet-diaper society. And, illegal or not, they never had to ask anyone to be a client. The younger babe went back to college to study psychology. I’m happy to say, I had a lot to do with them leaving the dirty behind, no pun intended. niio

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