6 thoughts on “Swedish Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change

  1. New discussion on old problems. Viking tradition! Most of the Germanics were cannibals. Celts, Romans, and so on. Cannibals and Kings is a history of cannibalism in Europe, how common it was. The last known group of cannibals were in the Cotswold, I think. But, G/ Gordon Liddy said of it, in the event of a famine, would you want any of the Kennedy klan as neighbors? BTW, USA, the Packer family are infamous for dark magic and cannibalism. Several books and movies were based on the gruesome things that happened there. Being democrats, the family of course prefered to prey on small children.

      • You just quoted most of Massachusetts. Years ago, I worked with a Kennedy, no relation to the nazi line, and he said Joe Kennedy’s rep was so bad the family moved to Penna to get away from them *late ’20s or early 30s, I can’t recall the date). Because of the name, everyone in Mass assumed they were Irish mafia. niio

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