Porturillic (Портурыличо)

Porturillic or Porturílico was invented by Daniel M. Sardinha as a way of writing Portuguese with the Cyrillic alphabet. Daniel has been studying alphabet and languages since he was a teenager and the first alphabet he learnt was Cyrillic. He decided to try to adapt Cyrillic to the phonemes of Portuguese and Porturillic this is the result.

5 thoughts on “Porturillic (Портурыличо)

  1. and just made a large step backwards. While it sounds like fun, Cryllic cut the east off the West and made it that much harder for easterners to get a good western ed. What led to that was the loss of freedom for the east to nazis, then to even harsher monster, Stalin. While all nations fight to be more westernized, he did that…

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