6 thoughts on “Keeping it… clean?

  1. Now that’s funny! And here’s something that isn’t. https://threepercenternation.com/2020/03/19/refugee-slaps-woman-for-refusing-to-have-sex-with-him-then-this-happened-watch-2-2-2/?utm_source=Mailer-TIA&utm_medium=email&utm_content=subscriber_id:1325372&utm_campaign=3-20%20TPN%20%231
    What is it with white girls? ANY Native American or mixed would have had his balls in a jar of formaldehyde. I don’t know which is more disgusting, him, or the way she behaved.

      • Oh, you barbaric colonial! 🙂 years ago, a friend in the UK, a young woman, was dating a real tough guy. Mind, she’s wealthy and this cat was supposed to be a mean, aggressive dude. She told me it was frustrating because when they went to the East End to see some new dive, they were accosted by a man with a knife. Her boyfriend screamed, threw his wallet and her at him and ran. She said the black dude was so embarrassed, he offered an arm and escorted her to a taxi, then paid (with the boyfriend’s money), telling her not to come back. It really wasn’t safe. That’s how Europe is getting. Eventually she did find the right man and they have a lot of kids. She asked me, I said Native American. A year later, she married a serviceman stationed there from Texas. She said they run things like native Americans. Inside, she rules with love. Outside he’s a tame wolf. She wanted a man and had to look to another continent to find him. That’s sad.

  2. Self-raped. WWI and WWII, the nation that gave us so many great guns had to beg the US for things as common as shotguns for home defense. The labour Party, BTW, went nazi in the 30s and never left it. Same with the DNC, their weak sister party. When someone would start whining about W’s grandfather having a busiess in Germany in the 20s, I would bring that up. And, if you would post about Soros being a Gestapo agent, and the Kennedy klan being Nazis. If sickens a lot of liberals to find out they’re supporting Nazism. 🙂

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