3 thoughts on “A horse named Wonder of Autism

  1. One great-grandfather used to hold horse fairs on the farm. I was talking to someone a whole back that the gypsys never stole anything when in the area. A woman laughed. Her grandmother’s tribe used to travel that area, she said, and it’s part of their religion. I said, nope, they were quiet, and always honest when the old man bought his herbals from them (he was a Healer). she asked what the old-one’s name was and asked her gramma. The grandmother said do not mess with him! that old man, if someone did something wrong, he cursed them and they always died! Hmm. Like Mr. Rogers, ex-navy SEAL, 27 confirmed kills to his records, we learn something new about what’s hidden in the family closet that sweet old man who spent his life helping others and never took a penny for it… 🙂

      • Opposite side, witches 🙂 Fam in N. Carolina like to go visit where our grandmother’s great-grandmother almost got the ax for shape-shifting and human sacrifice. Pappy, Mom’s dad, came from the same longhouse, but in Pennsylvania. One of his ancestors got the ax for witchcraft, and from an ancestor of dad’s.When in PA, I scared the crap out of a Lakota telling him about some of the stuff that still goes on. His jaw dropped. He had no idea. “You got skinwalkers, too?” Nope, our Owlmen like to hunt them and feed the hogs. I think he went back to the reservation. But, there are a lot of us there, too. 🙂 Now, of course, most people no longer bow to Bu’u (satan). But, we all get along pretty well.

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