4 thoughts on “Five years ago, they claimed we’d have recreated dinosaurs by cloning by now

  1. And the mammoth, the dodo, passenger pigeon, Carolina parakeet. And then we found out they wanted to take all the land of the Great Plains–by government confiscation–to have one giant zoo.

    In a note of interest for dino lovers, Dr. Schweitzer outed paleontologists on soft tissues. If you’ll recall, they were mentioned by the biologist and former head of biology, Harvard, Dr. Crichton in his book Jurassic Park.this doesn’t know Schweitzer by a long haul. she knew what she was doing and went against her bosses to do it. A very brave woman who was castigated for causing the pricew of fossils to crumble to dust. Dr. Horner was fired from his own museum for helping her. Crichton knew about soft tissues possibly from the early 60s.

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