Since it’s the ’20s again here’s some wacky weird wild slang from the last ’20s that we could bring back if we wanted to

Iron your shoelaces: If someone leaves the room to go “iron their shoelaces,” it means they’re headed to the restroom.

Wurp: This meant something similar to “bluenose”—a buzzkill-type person.

Sockdollager: Someone or something which is truly remarkable or impressive; a humdinger.

Know your onions: A 1920s slang term for being knowledgeable about a particular subject.

Mazuma: Cash, money, cheddar, greenbacks, what have you.

Nerts: Also a monosyllabic exclamation, “nerts” did not mean the same as “rhatz”—it actually meant, “That’s amazing!”

Dewdropper: A lazy guy; a slacker.

Gasper: “Gaspers” were cigarettes, possibly due to their effect on your lungs.

Foot juice: Cheap, sub-par wine.

Mind your potatoes: Mind your own business, beeswax, and the like.