Painting inspired by cirrhosis of the liver

Cirr 1974
acrylic on canvas
Jack Bush (1909-1977)
“Cirr is an abbreviation for the disease cirrhosis. This diagnosis given to the artist was also accompanied by an illustration of unhealthy cells caused by the condition. The artist’s response to this disturbing information was to address his concerns through artistic expression.”



Alchy the alcoholic hamster

Abusing a rodent for science (not that I mind).

Back in 1958, high-school sophomore Diana McGee chose as her biology project an experiment “to make a hamster an alcoholic, then to cure it of the disease.” She named the hamster “Alchy”. The hamster consumed about a pint of bourbon a month and reportedly “seems to love it.”


Alchy eventually refused to drink any more of the bourbon-water mixture, leading the paper to comment that “the animal has more sense than some people.”

Or just got tired of the taste; she should have tried giving it other alcoholic beverages. 😉