Reebok and bacon, together at last!

Wait; what?


Reebok, a maker of athletic shoes and accessories, launched a self-branded bacon line to woo Paleo diet and CrossFit fans, Pork magazine reported.

Reebok, sponsor of the 2014 CrossFit Games, rolled out the promotional products at the Games, which were held July 22 to 27 in Carson, California.

A food truck, dubbed the Reebok Bacon Box, handed out bacon treats, including bacon-wrapped artichokes and carne asada to CrossFit Games attendees. Reebok said its self-branded bacon line was a natural fit, as CrossFitters often follow the Paleo diet and vice-versa, and both crowds go ham for bacon.

“The CrossFit community loves bacon,” Will McGinness told FastCompany. “They eat it. They talk about it. Some even wear clothes featuring it. We wanted to embrace the love of bacon and build something fun for the community, while remaining authentic to its spirit.”

In keeping with the Paleo diet’s emphasis on unprocessed foods, Reebok bacon is uncured and contains no nitrates, preservatives, MSG, or sweeteners.