Massive Semen Explosion After Blaze Hits Bull Artificial Insemination Facility, Firefighters Forced To Dodge ‘Projectiles’


Orkney primary school goldfish get flaming Viking burial boat send off

So long, Bubbles and Freddy; may your journey to Valhalla be a safe and pleasant one. 😉

Two goldfish have been given a flaming Viking burial boat send off by Orkney primary schoolchildren.

Primary 3 and 4 pupils at Papdale School in Kirkwall gave Bubbles and Freddy a traditional Norse ceremony to start their journey to Valhalla.

The fish become class pets for Christmas but both died recently.

The children, who had been studying the Vikings, wrote down their memories of the fish and read them aloud before the boat set sail.

Nude Russian sectarian woman watches barn fire

See here and below for more information. From "The Canadian Look: A Century of Sights and Styles", Ken Lefolii, 1965, McClelland and Stewart, Ltd.

See here for more information.
From “The Canadian Look: A Century of Sights and Styles”, Ken Lefolii, 1965, McClelland and Stewart, Ltd.


Man charged in Brockville, Ontario after fight over whether Earth is flat or round


Police and firefighters were called in after a heated discussion over the shape of the Earth reached fiery levels in eastern Ontario.

Police in Brockville say they were called to St. Lawrence Park on Monday after an intense argument between family members.

They say a woman who insisted the Earth was flat was locking horns with her boyfriend’s father, who argued it is round.

Investigators say the 56-year-old man grew so enraged that he started throwing things into their camp fire, including a propane cylinder.

Firefighters were called to put out the flames.

Police say the man took off and will face a mischief charge.

They say “neither party would change their views.”

What a shame.