Guests using toilet at posh hotel can be seen from street after epic window design blunder



It might be a loo with a view, but a newly opened hotel in Berlin is giving passers-by a bit of an eyeful.

For some unknown reason, the architect who designed the restaurant area in the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin thought the toilets should be placed next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, despite the building being only ten storeys tall.

The hotel, which offers spectacular views of the Berlin Zoo, unfortunately also now offers eagle-eyed pedestrians another sight if they look up.

Several passers-by on the street below have been taking snaps of the hapless toilet users, which has prompted the hotel to put up notices which read: ‘Please be careful, not only the monkeys are watching.’

For Deer in Germany, the Cold War Never Ended

Acting as though there’s still a barrier.

The barbed wire, electric fences, watchtowers, and heavily armed guards that once lined the Iron Curtain are long gone, but red deer wouldn’t dare jump the border. Behavior learned at the height of the Cold War lives on among the herds that roam land that used to straddle the former Czechoslovakia and West Germany. The once heavily fortified borders separating East from West today traverse national parks and remote landscapes that serve as popular summertime migratory destinations for the imposing beast.

In the spirit of post-Cold War fellowship, Germany’s Bavarian Forest National Park and the Czech Republic’s Sumava National Park established a transboundary wilderness area where animals like the red deer could find refuge. But as it turns out, the deer populations on either side of the former Iron Curtain roam along the border and remain reluctant to cross.

Nazis ‘researched use of mosquitoes for war’ at Dachau

I sense an opportunity for a cheesy sci-fi alternate history horror B-movie!

German scientists at Dachau concentration camp researched the possible use of malaria-infected mosquitoes as weapons during World War Two, a researcher has claimed.

Dr Klaus Reinhardt of Tuebingen University examined the archives of the Entomological Institute at Dachau.

He found that biologists had looked at which mosquitoes might best be able to survive outside their natural habitat.

He speculates that such insects could have been dropped over enemy territory.

American exchange student gets stuck inside giant stone vagina (vulva) in Tubingen, Germany

I hate when that happens!

vulva2 vulva3

The exchange student from America is believed to have climbed inside the marble sculpture in Tubingen, Germany, on Friday afternoon, for a dare.

However, once inside he found he was stuck.

Five emergency vehicles and 22 firemen are believed to have eventually eased the unnamed man out but not before someone took a picture and posted it on social media site Imgur.

The man, whose legs got wedged at the bottom of the art installation, was eventually freed and was said to be ‘really embarrassed’.

Cue the inevitable jokes like “It’s a boy!“, what kind of lube they had to use to get him out, not the first guy to find out a vagina is a trap, etc.

I’m sure he won’t ‘insert’ himself in there again. 😉

P.S. And yes, it’s a vulva sculpture, but look where he’s caught. 🙂

Germany: Whole family hit by lightning


An entire family has survived being hit by lightning after a storm suddenly broke in the German city of Chemnitz.

One woman, Ricarda, says she was chopping wood in the garden when it began to rain. While she and her family were bringing their toys and garden furniture back into the house when she says she heard a sudden, loud bang and felt “some tingling from head to toe”, the Bild newspaper reports.

“There was chaos. Everybody was just acting on autopilot. A few minutes later the ambulance arrived,” She says. Her nine-year-old nephew Elias fell over unconscious and had to be resuscitated by his father and grandfather on the spot. He is still in intensive care. Other family members, including the grandmother, Ricarda’s two children and her sister-in-law, Judith, went to hospital with minor injuries. Ricarda says her son Cedrick was still complaining of a headache the following day.

Would you like a little Hitler with your tea?

‘Hitler cups’ recalled in Germany over Nazi stamp.

Roses, script, and a Hitler stamp, with your tea!

Roses, script, and a Hitler stamp with a swastika postmark, with your tea!

A German furniture store chain has apologised for selling mugs with Adolf Hitler’s face on them.

The ceramic cups feature a faint image of a Nazi-era postage stamp with Hitler’s profile on it, postmarked with a swastika stamp.

The mug also features a rose and handwriting in English.

The Zurbrueggen furniture chain apologised for the “terrible” mistake, which it blamed on “a stupid chain of unfortunate circumstances”.

The cups’ Chinese designer had mistakenly chosen the image of the former dictator, it said, which the chain then ordered in error – 5,000 of them.

“No one noticed the problem during unpacking,” the company’s owner told the Neue Westfaelische Zeitung daily newspaper.

The small chain sold 175 of the mugs before anyone drew attention to the black and white profile of the world’s most infamous Nazi.