Compound Word Anagrams of Louisiana

•IANA Louis
•IANA louis
•Louis IANA
•Louisa Ian
•Louisa ain
•Louisa ani
•USIA aloin
•aalii nous
•aalii onus
•aioli anus
•aloin USIA
•anus aioli
•insoul aia
•liaison AU
•louis IANA
•nous aalii
•onus aalii

‘Chicken boxing’ is a thing…

… apparently a kindler, gentler version of cockfighting.

What is chicken boxing? I’ll let Guillory and the AP explain:

Guillory said chicken boxing is similar to human kickboxing, with matches that aren’t fought to the death and that involve rubber ‘gloves’ to cover the spurs on a chicken’s legs to ensure safety.

‘There is no blood. There are no knives. There is no cruelty. And there is no abuse,’ he said, holding two pairs of chicken boxing gloves.

See? The chickens aren’t hurt at all! They like it! It’s fun for them! Getting pecked at is awesome! It’s not a way to get around cockfighting bans (which Louisiana was the last state to enact) at all!