American exchange student gets stuck inside giant stone vagina (vulva) in Tubingen, Germany

I hate when that happens!

vulva2 vulva3

The exchange student from America is believed to have climbed inside the marble sculpture in Tubingen, Germany, on Friday afternoon, for a dare.

However, once inside he found he was stuck.

Five emergency vehicles and 22 firemen are believed to have eventually eased the unnamed man out but not before someone took a picture and posted it on social media site Imgur.

The man, whose legs got wedged at the bottom of the art installation, was eventually freed and was said to be ‘really embarrassed’.

Cue the inevitable jokes like “It’s a boy!“, what kind of lube they had to use to get him out, not the first guy to find out a vagina is a trap, etc.

I’m sure he won’t ‘insert’ himself in there again. 😉

P.S. And yes, it’s a vulva sculpture, but look where he’s caught. 🙂