Police help lost little piggy get all the way home

Naturally… 😉

A lost pot-bellied pig is home safe and sound thanks to some helpful neighbours and two police officers.

The officers say they were called to a residential neighbourhood in Burlington, Ont., on Thursday morning by a man who came across a pig wandering in the street.

They say the man kept an eye on the pig as it moved to a yard, where it ate some shrubbery and nosed around the dirt. When officers arrived, neighbours who recognized the pig told them it belonged to a woman living in a nearby home.

One of the officers, Const. Renee Harnack, says she got a strap that’s meant for restraining suspects from her car, fashioned it into a leash and put it on the pig.

‘Minesweeping’ pig banned from drinking in a pub for headbutting customers


A ‘minesweeping’ pig has been barred from a pub bar and slapped with a booze ban – after it started robbing pints and headbutting punters.

The micro-pig called Frances Bacon eats, sleeps and drinks at her owner’s inn but started ‘minesweeping’ – drinking from discarded ale glasses.

Pigs will eat or drink anything; hence why we call people who do likewise the same…

Pigs are not pets. They’re food. Barbecue her already! 🙂