Bolivian presidential candidate promises to eat his watch and his tie if six out of ten Bolivians vote for the current president

He may have to make good on that promise… 🙂

Be careful what you promise, or you could end up eating your watch. That seems to be the moral for a presidential candidate in Bolivia after the elections last Sunday.

Former president Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga, one of those challenging incumbent President Evo Morales in a national vote this week, made an election promise that may, in retrospect, have been unwise. He promised to eat his watch if “six out of 10 Bolivians” voted for Morales.

He was so confident that Morales wouldn’t make it that he also promised to eat his tie in another interview days later. And now, social media users want to hold him to his word. It has taken several days to count and announce the full results, but early signs suggest that Morales is hovering right around the 60% mark. And so of course, people have taken to Twitter and Facebook to demand that Quiroga keeps his promise.

“When will Tuto Quiroga eat his watch?” asked one. Tuffi Aré, a journalist and prominent Twitter user who interviewed Quiroga before the ballots, tweeted: “Tuto says he will wait for the official figures came out before he eats his watch. He promised me he would eat his tie as well and it is on record.”