An actor-turned-politician is promoting tax payments in a Japanese region through a video starring an “alien sausage” mascot


Former comedian Hideo Higashikokubaru (also known as Sonomanma Higashi) appears in a promotional video for a new tax scheme with the bright red mascot called Sou Seiji, the J-Town website reports.

They are publicising a scheme in Soo, a city in the eastern Kagoshima prefecture, where residents can offset their taxes by making donations to the city for local projects.

Money can be used to support local businesses, help the elderly, and promote a higher birth rate to counter a falling population, the city’s website says.

Sou Seiji arrived in the city two years ago to represent the locality’s pork and beef industry, and is one of a number of mascots promoting the locality, CNet Japan says.

The tax scheme also includes a competition to find Japan’s best forehead, complete with Twitter and Instagram hashtags.

See it for yourself:

Minnesota Meat Shop Makes Gummy-Bear Bratwursts

Candy and meat, together again!

Contrary to its name, Grundhofer’s Old Fashioned Meats carries a rather interesting and unique range of sausage meats. Their website boasts of 50 different flavors of fresh brats, including a few regulars – Turkey, Chicken and Three Cheese – and a few strange ones – Bloody Mary, Cherry Kool-aid and Blueberry. But the world-famous Gummy Bear brat has got to be their funkiest one yet.

Pork sausage and chocolate, together again!

Wait; what?

Have a butchers at Graham Eyes’ cracking Easter invention – Scotch Creme Eggs.

The creative meat man proved he’s not chicken of trying new things and regularly sweetens up his customers with seasonal treats.

Graham, from Southport, Merseyside, has created the wacky Easter-themed snacks in a bid to entice more customers through the doors of his shop.

The 53-year-old is renowned for his unusual concoctions and, after the success of last year’s Cadbury’s Mini Egg sausages, he decided to put his thinking cap on once again.

His latest offering is a Cadbury’s Creme Egg, wrapped in sausage meat – or not, for those watching their waistlines – and flavoured with a variety of seasonings.