Giant inflatable colon stolen in Kansas

Aw man, I hate when that happens! 😉

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — Someone has snatched a giant, inflatable colon used to teach about the dangers of colon cancer.

The University of Kansas Cancer Center said Friday in a news release that it was stolen from a pickup bed in Brookside.

Surgical oncologist John Ashcraft says colon cancer is a tough subject for many to talk about and the giant inflatable colon is a great conversation starter.

It is 10 feet-long, weighs 150 pound and is valued at $4,000.

Bikini-clad Swedish policewoman ‘stops thief’

Always on duty…

A bikini-clad Swedish police officer has been praised for tackling a suspected thief while she was off-duty sunbathing with friends in Stockholm.

Mikaela Kellner told the Aftonbladet daily that she and a fellow officer pursued the man when they realised he had taken one of their mobile phones.

She told the paper that she would have intervened “even if she were naked”.

A photo of the incident on Ms Kellner’s Instagram page has attracted more than 9,000 likes in less than two days.

The incident is said to have taken place in Stockholm’s Ralambshov Park on Wednesday, where the off-duty policewoman was sunbathing with friends.

The group was approached by a man who claimed to be selling publications on behalf of the homeless.

Crimeans told to stop stealing sand from beaches


Officials in Crimea are warning people to stop stealing sand from tourist beaches, or else face a prison sentence.

The peninsula’s beaches are being targeted by people who remove the sand for use as free building material, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reports. At more remote beaches it’s being taken away by the lorry-load, the paper says.

“Everyone we catch at this needs to be prosecuted,” says Sergei Aksyonov, prime minister of Crimea’s Russian-backed government. “When people are stealing sand in broad daylight, what exactly are we doing about it?” According to the Tass news agency, Mr Aksyonov wants to get Russia’s FSB – the successor agency to the KGB – involved to help catch them.

Sand theft can hit local authorities finances hard. In February, a group of builders were charged with illegally removing more than 1bn roubles-worth ($15.4m; £10.6m) near Moscow.

Pens are items of common ownership

Think about it – no-one thinks anything about keeping a pen they’ve borrowed from someone else – and most people don’t get all upset about someone borrowing a pen but not returning it. Heck, that’s even been the basis of a comedy sketch:

People always forget to return them, and accumulate them from everywhere, and few people have any qualms about lending them to others, even though oftentimes, that means they won’t ever get them back; few care…

Georgia Woman, 82, Arrested For Theft Of “Sexiest Fantasies” Body Spray

Grandma! How could you?! 😉

An 82-year-old woman is facing a larceny charge after she was caught trying to steal a bottle of “Sexiest Fantasies” body spray from a CVS pharmacy near her Georgia home, police report.

Anneliese Young, the accused octogenarian, was collared when a store worker spotted her placing the item inside her purse. Young then walked out of the Augusta business without paying for the $7.39 body spray, according to a police report.

Garden gnome alert: 400 missing in Austria

Oh, those wacky Austrians!

A leading Austrian political party has issued a garden gnome alert after 400 of its figurines disappeared from lamp posts used in campaigning.

Placed by the Socialist Party ahead of elections in western Austria, the gnomes were hung three meters from the ground — presumably in part to prevent mass pilfering.

But a party statement Monday said that 400 gnomes, valued at around $4,000, had gone missing over the weekend.

The party suspects the heists were less outright theft and more dirty electioneering, accusing the rival conservative People’s Party of being behind the disappearances.

It notes that some of the gnomes have been replaced by People’s Party posters.

The People’s Party denies involvement in the gnome scandal.