Iowa couple honeymoon in Winnipeg


A couple from Iowa City have been busy soaking up the sights and sounds of Winnipeg while on their honeymoon.

“We have been loving it. Just the different sites and the different cultures,” said Kari Santos who arrived in Winnipeg with her husband Spenser on Monday.

“I mean every corner we turn on, there’s a different mural, there’s a different statue, there’s five people telling us different places to go,” she added.

The honeymoon is a dream come true for Spenser who is an avid coin collector who had his eyes set on visiting the Royal Canadian Mint. Spenser said the mint was a big part of the couple’s decision to come to Winnipeg, and loved the tour.

“It’s quite delightful.”

The couple have also visited the Manitoba Museum, Corydon Avenue, the Forks and Assiniboine Park Zoo.


New pastime in Winnipeg combines curling with crokinole, sort of

Sounds odd, but fun. 🙂

Crokicurl — the new ice game that combines elements of the board game crokinole and curling — has made its debut in Winnipeg.

What are believed to be the world’s first crokicurl games were played at The Forks on Friday, with more people joining in the new activity Saturday.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Cameron Langedock, who brought his wife and son out to play the game. “It’s creative and it obviously brings people together.”


Crokicurl is similar to a life-sized version of the board game crokinole —  in which players take turns flicking small discs across a circular board, trying to land the discs in the higher-scoring parts of the board.

Crokicurl, which uses rocks about the size of curling rocks but made from lighter materials, is played with two teams made up of one or two players, who try to score points by throwing the rock into the centre of the ice, where the highest-scoring circle is.

A small patch of Mars has been named “Winnipeg”

Because of all the mosquitoes, arson and gang violence and Club Beer there.

Just kidding! Because it’s fricking cold, of course. 😉

Friday, September 18, 2015, 7:30 PM – NASA researchers have named a small patch of Mars “Winnipeg”. The name is a likely nod to the fact that temperatures in the city can sometimes get as cold as temperatures on the Red Planet.

No word on whether the Guess Who will play there, or whether any Salisbury House locations will be opened. 😉

Crickets on campus: Winnipeg chef to add insects to university menu

Win, win, Winnipeg!

A Winnipeg university is taking sustainable eating to a new level by planning a campus menu with crickets and mealworms.


For the past few months, Kramer has been experimenting with recipes — coming up with ways to use cricket flour, whole crickets and mealworms in dishes students will actually buy and enjoy.


Kramer usually explains it like this: roasted crickets taste like sunflower seeds — so whatever you’d eat sunflower seeds on or in, crickets are an option.

“If you’re going to eat a flatbread for instance, why not eat one that has seven grams of protein per ounce?” he said.

Mealworms are a bit tougher for people to stomach — they give a tiny “pop” like a pumpkin seed and taste a bit more like a mushroom. Kramer is looking at making high-protein dashi with them — a clear, Japanese broth