Porturillic (Портурыличо)

Porturillic or Porturílico was invented by Daniel M. Sardinha as a way of writing Portuguese with the Cyrillic alphabet. Daniel has been studying alphabet and languages since he was a teenager and the first alphabet he learnt was Cyrillic. He decided to try to adapt Cyrillic to the phonemes of Portuguese and Porturillic this is the result.

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Poland’s fictional ally: San Escobar

Will S.' Sunny Side Blog

Oops! 🙂

Rewind to Tuesday, January 10. Poland’s foreign minister is in New York to drum up support for his country’s bid for a non-permanent seat on the Security Council in 2018-’19. And it’s going well, Witold Waszczykowski tells the assembled Polish press corps: “I have had meetings with officials from more than 20 countries, including some Caribbean nations with which we have never had bilateral diplomatic contact before. Countries like Belize, and San Escobar”.

The Belizeans must have been delighted. But the San Escobarians can’t have been: that country simply does not exist. Poland’s internet community picked up quickly on the gaffe, and directed howls of derision at Waszczykowski. A foreign ministry spokesperson tried to limit the damage by hastily explaining that the minister, tired after a 22-hour flight, had simply misspoken: he was actually referring to St Kitts and Nevis, a two-island Caribbean state known in Spanish…

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