Painting by Hitler

An oil painting by Adolf Hitler is to go on display for the first time at a museum in northern Italy.

The small untitled work has been lent by a German private collector to the Museum of Salo, on the shores of Lake Garda, for an exhibition called the “Museum of Madness”, Corriere della Sera reports. It shows two men, one at a table, with a dark corridor extending behind them.

The exhibition’s curator sees little artistic merit in the undated painting. “It’s a piece of crap,” says curator Vittorio Sgarbi. “It’s a painting by a hopeless man, it could have been done by Kafka, it says a lot about his psyche: here you do not see greatness, you see misery.”

It is dull and ugly…

Meet Kosovo’s Controversial Hitler Impersonator

Meet Kosovo’s Controversial Hitler Impersonator

A Kosovan Hitler lookalike is making news for claiming to be the reincarnation of the infamous German dictator. Emin Djinovci regularly stuns locals by walking around the town of Mitrovica, in the partially recognised state of Kosovo, with a toothbrush moustache and jet black hair brushed over to one side.

Mitrovica is a city of simmering ethnic tensions and political instability. Emin moved there from Germany in 1998, to join the fight of the Kosovan Albanians for secession from Serbia. But it wasn’t until he returned to Germany for a surgery to treat multiple war wounds, that he realized he could make a living by dressing himself up as Hitler.

“It was when I was there for my operation that I was forced to grow out part of my mustache. The doctors would come into my room and just look at me,” he recalled. So he realized the potential for profit, and when he got back to Kosovo, he started to impersonating Hitler and charging for photographs.

“I can earn between 20 and 80 Euros per photo. Sometimes, I earn even up to 200 Euros per day if there’s an event or if there are international tourists hanging around Mitrovica,” the 49-year-old explained. He also sells ‘Hitler trinkets’ such as Swastika badges and necklaces, and copies of Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf. He is regularly invited to make appearances at weddings, funerals and other events. “I go to funerals dressed as Hitler. That sometimes has a negative effect because those who’ve come to mourn stop crying and talk to me instead,” he said.

Kosovo is in fact an ideal location for Emin to dress and act like Hitler. His appearance in any other part of the world would have been met with outrage. In Germany he would have been immediately arrested, given the country’s strict postwar laws that ban anything Nazi-related in public.

The Kosovans, on the other hand, seem to have no problems with Emin’s strange ways. In fact, they believe that he ‘shows great enterprise’, and often stop to raise their hand in a salute when they see him. Even the NATO peacekeepers stationed in the city as part of the Kosovo Protection Forces (KFOR) stop their cars to say hi.

“People respect me here,” he said. “Young, old, men, women children. They all greet me with a ‘Heil Hitler.’”

“I am proud of my likeness to the Fuhrer because, like him, I fought against the Serbs – my enemies. It is easy. I find myself in Hitler’s character because he fought against my enemy. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Yes, Serbs are my enemies, I make no bones about that.”

Hitler was a closet meth addict; but he had both of his balls, and wasn’t homosexual

According to the Daily Mail.

The Fuhrer is believed to have taken crystal meth before a meeting with Mussolini in the summer of 1943, when he ranted non-stop for two hours. And he had nine injections of a drug called Vitamultin, which contained meth-amphetamine, during his final days in his bunker.

The dossier also debunks one of the most enduring legends about the Fuhrer – the claim that he lost a testicle when he was injured at the Battle of the Somme. Morale-boosting ditty ‘Hitler has only got one ball’ was popular during the Second World War and his admirer Unity Mitford suggested he ‘lacked something in the manly department’.

But the American records, which feature in a Channel 4 documentary, show the dictator was not monorchid (the medical term for being born with one testicle). They also shoot down claims that Hitler was a predatory homosexual who massacred 150 supporters to hide his secret.

Is This the Worst Sitcom in the History of Sitting?

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Imagine some comic “genius” finds himself standing in an elevator next to a TV-network executive and decides he has 30 seconds to make a pitch for what he believes will be a groundbreaking situation comedy.

COMIC GENIUS: Think “Adolf and Eva — their home life.” Like The Honeymooners, only starring a genocidal madman and his lady love. Imagine the gags: Hitler has a bad day at at the Eastern Front and decides he’s not taking the garbage out no matter what Eva says.

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