Woman gives birth in forest, fights off bees, lives off apples, and starts a forest fire

Now that doesn’t happen every day! ;)

A woman fought off bees, started a fire and survived on apples — all after giving birth in a lonely stretch of Northern California forest, she told a Bay Area TV station.

The woman, Amber Pangborn, 35, of Oroville, made a hasty decision to take an unfamiliar shortcut while driving to her parents’ house after going into labor Thursday.

Instead, she got lost.

“I thought we were going to die,” she told KCRA-TV. “And there was no cell service, there was no … there was nothing.”

But Pangborn’s baby wouldn’t wait and she had no choice but to give birth alone. She named her daughter Marisa.

And then came the bees and mosquitoes.

“I tried to not get them to sting her,” Pangborn told KCRA. The bees wanted the placenta, she said with a chuckle. She was stung while defending her daughter, she said.

By Saturday, Pangborn’s desperation reached a fever pitch.

“I was just there at the end, thinking, ‘Oh my God.” I wasn’t sure if we were going to actually get out of there,” she said.

Pangborn started a fire in a desperate attempt to summon help, but the flames quickly grew out of control.

“Like, the whole side of the mountain caught on fire. I was looking at Marisa and was like, ‘I think Mommy just started a forest fire,’” she said.

But the tactic worked, and Pangborn was spotted by investigators.

Drunk History: Canada’s Booze-Soaked Beginnings

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That’s us! :)

On August 28, 1864, John A. Macdonald showed up half-cut to a cabinet meeting of the government of what was then the United Province of Canada. This was not, strictly speaking, a unique occurrence, nor was the fact that he continued to drink throughout, and ended up getting into such a raucous fight with fellow cabinet minister George Brown that they had to shut the meeting down. Macdonald was so famous for drinking and fighting with Brown, he once responded to a Brown-supporting heckler with the famous line, “Yes, but the people prefer John A. drunk to George Brown sober.” (One of those observations that’s funny, in a historical sense, because it’s true.)

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Caviar and Twinkies, together again

Wait; what?

For just $125, one of these can be yours!

For just $125, one of these can be yours!

It’s fair season, and that means all manner of sugary sweet and deep-fried foods will be available for purchase. But if fried Oreos and cotton candy aren’t your thing, consider these Twinkies covered in caviar.

Chicken Charlie’s whipped up the Twinkie for the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, Calif. The swanky snack, which will be available from July 17 to August 16, isn’t cheap: The indulgent treat will set you back a cool $125, a price tag chosen in honor of the fair’s 125th anniversary.

Malaysian Muslim ‘modesty trousers’ have a hole in the crotch


A company in Malaysia has created full-length trousers for women to wear when they are in labour.

The trousers are aimed at Muslim women who are concerned about exposing parts of the body which are meant to be kept covered according to some interpretations of Islam, known as “aurat”, the Malay Mail website reports.

They look similar to tracksuit bottoms, but have “an opening to let the baby out” while still covering a woman’s legs, according to manufacturers Mama Pride.

“While giving birth, the honour and aurat of women are not given any attention,” the company says on its Facebook page. “Thighs, calves and knees are exposed, even though they don’t need to be.” A number of medical professionals are pictured on the page apparently endorsing the product.

So, pants with a hole in the crotch are ‘modesty trousers’, got it. :)