Flight 666 (a 13-year-old plane) takes off at 13 o’clock on Friday the 13th for HEL

And everyone lives…

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Proving once again that superstitious fears are ungrounded, as always. 🙂

In a bold move against the forces of bad luck, Finnair flight 666 is safe after taking off just after 13 o’clock on Friday the 13th on a course for HEL, the code for Finland’s Helsinki Airport.

The Airbus A320-214 used in the 75-minute flight was also manufactured in December, 2003 — making it 13 years old.

Nevertheless, despite this intersection of unlucky numbers, the flight was uneventful, according to the flight tracking website Flight24Radar.com.

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Painting inspired by cirrhosis of the liver

Cirr 1974
acrylic on canvas
Jack Bush (1909-1977)
“Cirr is an abbreviation for the disease cirrhosis. This diagnosis given to the artist was also accompanied by an illustration of unhealthy cells caused by the condition. The artist’s response to this disturbing information was to address his concerns through artistic expression.”



“Playing chess is worse than gambling and eating pork”, according to a Turkish imam


It could be said that this Turkish imam has it in for chess players after the popular televangelist claimed the pastime is more sinful for Muslims than gambling or eating pork.

Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, who is also known as Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca, is a highly-influential figure in Turkey and referred to chess players as “cursed,”claiming that “most people who played chess are liars,”according to Hurriyet Daily News.

“Playing chess is worse than gambling and eating pork,” Ünlü said. “People who play chess are more prone to lying than others. People who play chess may not say the shahada (declaration of Muslim faith) while they are dying.”

“People who play chess are cursed,” he added, offering an alternative of “count[ing] your prayer beads instead of playing games like this.”

The Turkish Chess Federation (TSF) said it will take legal action against Ünlü following his comments, branding them “unacceptable.”

“Legal proceedings have been launched into the baseless comments and evaluations that affect thousands of our players and families, at a time when we most need the unity, peace and the philosophy of chess,” the TSF wrote in a statement.

It’s not the first time a Turkish televangelist has offered bizarre advice on religion. In May 2015, Mücahid Cihad Han brought up the delicate topic of masturbation and said men who carried out the act would have pregnant hands in the afterlife.


Elvis Impersonator Tasered

Literate Comments

KCCI Top Stories:
King for a day: Elvis impersonator arrested after standoffDes Moines police, SWAT officers and several other metro-area law enforcement agencies ended a standoff with a man in the 3100 block of Wright Street early today. Des Moines police said the Metro S.T.A.R. team developed a plan to have negotiators coax Michael Wayne Reed, 53, onto his porch, then used a Taser to subdue him and take him into custody. Reed is also known as Micky King, a longtime impersonator of Elvis Presley. Friends and family said he lives in the home with his mother. His mother was not inside the home, they said. Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax said that Reed was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for first-degree harassment.

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